You don’t know me, but I’m a huge fan of yours, I really hope you read this, but I understand if you can’t..that’s okay…I know we will meet one day, and I’m really looking forward to it. I know that you’ve been so playful growing up, your time is precious that’s why you keep on playing games every day. You sometimes think that the world is so big that you couldn’t handle things right. Yes, it’s big and it’s hard to handle but don’t think about how you’re going to handle it, just be yourself, play around your town, fly kites, play chase with your friends, make new friends, enjoy the sun, because sooner you might not be able to do all that anymore, your life will change… there will be no more enjoying the sun, flying kites, running in and out of the house, learning new stuffs around the city… there will be no more interesting than that jay..  just enjoy each moment, each seconds passing by… enjoy your life jay as if it’s the last.

I heard you can draw, i heard you’ve been competing with other schools, that’s great! you shouldn’t give that up okay? expect that there will be ups and downs that the moment won’t last that long okay? but promise me that you’ll be continuing to love art yeah?              I also heard that your father left to work abroad? is that his old passport you’re hugging? Don’t be sad, I’m always here I could hug you hugging that passport. 🙂 and ask you to play outside… he’ll be back soon! that’s for your own good, your father wanted you to feel that you could do something more than this life, and he’s going to help you with that, he will work abroad and help you to study to a great school, eat some delicious foods, play with new gadgets because he love you! your father loves you and your whole family.. don’t be sad okay? smile! let’s just go play outside..

Jay, you know how proud I am to you right now? so proud.. I know that you’ve been dealing with problems, growing up, I never wanted to mention it because I don’t want you to be sad. But really, I am so proud jay, I truly am.. problems will come and go, but be sure to deal with them okay? I want you to fight! I don’t want you to go through all of the pain that I have dealt, I wanted the best for you.. I can see that you’ve been sad with your friends lately, but still manage to ignore all that up, but jay…. if it’s something that’s bothering you, leave it all out.. it’s not that worth it.. you can do so much to your life, don’t waste time crying how your friend can’t even surprise a birthday to you…  no cakes, no balloons, no gifts… that okay jay, it won’t last… one day someone will throw a party, spend time on your birthdays.. just keep yourself up okay? sooner or later everything will be okay.. even if it’s a family problem, I’m pretty sure everything will be alright. just keep moving forward… by the way, are you going to college? Have you decided yet? still holding that Architecture course that you’re talking about since you started your school? I think college is for you, you’re so smart and it will be a great shelter for you, where you will learn, grown and work to become someone better than your prior environment.. your 2nd year of college will be hard even third… I know that you gave all of your effort studying when you started college but I’m still figuring it out how to manage to be that again, you’re smart jay, I saw that when you left home and went to the other city, a 4 hour drive from your hometown.. I saw that you’ve been giving all of your efforts by spending time around the library studying for your subjects.. not sleeping because of all the plates that your professor required you to do.. the plans, the perspectives, the research works… you’re doing great! even if your 2nd and 3rd is hard,.. don’t lose hope! I know you can do it.. and jay! you’ll meet someone that’ll change your life! I can’t wait to talk about it.. 🙂

I hope you never lose your childish innocence, I hope you learn to love yourself, and stop comparing yourself to others, you have an amazing self-esteem your confidence is intoxicating, never give up your dreams, you know what they are, and they will all come true, I promise. Just keep working, and never get comfortable or take anything for granted, people will remember your heart of gold, work ethic and forthrightness, you are a shining star, your time will come…

Jay! it’s been so great chatting, but I have to go.. I still have plates to do, *Rural Bank plan* you’ll soon too.. 🙂 don’t ever lose hope okay? just keep moving forward, every thing will be okay… just always smile, never let anyone ruin that great smile of yours alright? by the way, you have great 2 older sister and a younger brother that you’ll be laughing with..  your family loves you so much.. especially your mum and your father.. they love you so much… hey! don’t ever forget where you came from. I’ll be seeing you, in all the familiar places..


Love always.





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