A Photograph



-This blog post is a fashion photo shoot blog. I’ve been asked to do a photo shoot with my friend here Camille Bernabe, she’s my classmate in high school, basically we both love fashion.. She’s been asking me to do a photo shoot of her like a very long time ago, I never had a chance because whenever I’m available, she’s not… last month I asked her when will she be going to Tarlac City, because she’s studying in SLU, Baguio City. I used to study there for about a year but never had a chance to hang out a lot with her and do shoot because I’m not bringing my camera. *long story* ahah. Oh and I almost forgot, there are two girls here, haha the other model is Jennica Datu, same with camille she’s my classmate in high school.. ooppss by the way this blog is not about them ahaha, this blog is a fashion photoshoot, maybe showcasing my work. 😀


  • Camille Bernabe, Hospitality and Tourism Management student.
  • By taking photos with this girl and her outfit on this location is really challenging, we didn’t considered the location. Her outfit is black and gray, Yes, a photo shoot in the city suits her outfit considering that she’s wearing a strong look, a manly outfit where it doesn’t fit flowers and girly stuffs, but of course we won’t be wasting our time just looking for another location because I still need to do something after the shoot. Since there is no time, we did just go with the flow, we searched and search in and out the location where there maybe a blank white wall or a wall of graffiti but there isn’t any, the place only got a half wall with flowers on top of them. Next time I will ask her to bring more than one outfit and I’ll ask my other friends to look for other locations where we can shoot more interesting fashion photos. by the way, if you’re wondering who picked her outfit… she did. 😀
  • Make up by Kim Escalona.



  • Jennica Datu, Environmentalist student.
  • I didn’t had any trouble taking pictures of her because of how she blends around the location, her outfit suits the place. my favorite is the portrait one. I didn’t expect that I would have a shot like this, it’s a great photo for a debut shoot or wedding shoot.
  • Her photo shoot is more like a debut/wedding shoot than fashion, Since i’m still learning about the basics in debut/wedding shoots, this is a great practice for me about the placements of the subject in the photo and how to use other objects to make a photo look good. Here I tried putting my camera inside the bushes for the leaves to blur and have a great effect on the photo without editing such things.
  • Make up by her.


I had so much fun taking photos with these girls… it’s seems like the camera loves them. ahah! Thank you for checking this blog. more blog post to come. 🙂 if you wanna know more about VALVO Photography, just visit our facebook page, Valvo Photography. 🙂 We do collabs. just email me at (jairuss04@gmail.com) , Sorry for got to take pictures with them. ahaha I’ll just insert my pic here.



-My name is Jairus Galvo, Architecture student.

-thank you Jasmin Quilala, Kim Escalona, Camille Bernabe, and Jennica Datu for making this shoot alive. 🙂


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