November 15, 2015

Let’s get back to basic.


Hello blog friends, let’s talk about basics.

We all know that printed shirts like pizza, burgers, fries, weed, skulls, florals etc., are invading humanity right now, like whenever I go to the mall, it’s hell of a printed shirts around, that’s why me and my blogger friend Bethany decided that we are going to be blogging about basics. That basic is not just basic *if you know what I mean, or maybe not haha.*, how not to look so boring with a plain white tee and of course *as you can see in the picture*, three different ways on how to carry this kind of bag.

*note: The only difference between each looks are the pants/shorts, shoes/sandals, and of course the way I carry the bag.*

Look no. 1


Shirt: Hanes

Pants: BUM

Shoes: Nike Air Monarch

Bag: Salvatore

-First look. Fact. White’s and Denims do look with each other, It’s cool and casual. This pairing is a favorite for everyone from models to bloggers and even celebrities. You can also wear it like your top is denim and your short/pants is white. Going back to my look no. 1, I paired it with white Nike shoes, and for the bag, because I’m aiming a sporty basic look, I used it as a shoulder bag. *white shoes can make this look more sophisticated, so I recommend WhiteXDenimXWhite*

Look no. 2


Shirt: Hanes

Pants: Tom Tailor

Shoes: Salvatore Mann

Bag: Salvatore

-Second look. I decided to wear all black bottom from black “with little white stripes” jeans to my salvatore mann, and because it’s kinda semi formal look, I used the bag as a messenger bag. I also recommend it wearing a black shoes if you wanted to look more formal and a black fedora hat. It’s fashionable.

Look no. 3


Shirt: Hanes

Pants: Penshoppe

Shoes: Milanos

Bag: Salvatore

-Third look. I decided to combine the first and second look, casual-formal, you may not be getting it but, yes, It’s in between. Wearing shorts could make this look casual but since I paired it with black shoes and carrying the bag with the short strap It looks formal, but since it’s in between, let’s just call it semi-formal look.because the shoes and bag are making the look formal. *I do hope you got my point haha!*

That’s it! sorry for the short details, because I know that the pictures do shows a lot than words, and some doesn’t even make any sense here haha! alright! that’s for my first blog for the new wordpress! will be posting more blog soon! maybe today is not my fashion day. haha! Hope you like my looks.

Thank you Bethany, for the collaboration!

will be posting the video blog of this 3 looks soon with my blogger friend. 😀

Hope you like it. Take care and God bless. 🙂


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